APIs: Networking in Real Time

APIs: Networking in Real Time

Act fast, flexibly, and innovatively using a unified platform to power your connections internally as well as with all your business partners in real time.
Place your Customers Center stage!

Place your Customers Center stage!

Omnichannel is Omnipresent:
Connecting Mobile Apps, E-Commerce and the fast delivery of goods provides a 360° customer-focused service.

Connect cross-channel systems and devices.

Integrate Applications and Cloud Services in Real Time



Integration and exchange of data in real time –

controlled, secure and flexible

Cloud services, e-Commerce, Mobile applications: Digital technologies offer you enormous opportunities for new ways to generate value, and improve networking with partners, clients and target audiences. To be a successful digital business, real-time information is the key. With a broad range of API technologies and preconfigured building blocks, the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution supports your company’s real-time integration scenarios.

The solution enables the interconnection between any systems, applications, devices or apps – your key to digital success.

Real Customers, Real Usage, Real Value: The SEEBURGER API Solution

The SEEBURGER API Solution supports companies with real-time integration scenarios

Salesforce connections are often file-based and static, while a functional integration can demand, time-intense efforts as well as and costly developments. The SEEBURGER Solution is immediately deployable and enables a deep integration between Salesforce and SAP.

Once implemented, synchronization occurs in real-time and the exchange of data is process-oriented and event-controlled.

The solution contains:

  • Technical coupling between Salesforce and SAP in using preconfigured adapters (e.g. Salesforce Soap and Bulk API or SAP tRFC with IDoc respectively) for high volumes of data in real time
  • Prebuilt Salesforce-to-SAP scenarios (e.g. client master data, offers and orders) reduce implementation and maintenance costs considerably
  • In case of deviating "unique IDs" between Salesforce and SAP, the synchronization occurs via staging tables.
  • Optionally integration of a SAP Business Intelligence Solution for further sales optimization.

With SEEBURGER BIS you can also easily and efficiently connect any other CRM and ERP applications.


SEEBURGER Salesforce SAP Integration

Fast and efficient Salesforce Integration via the API Gateway and complete integration templates.

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Your Omnichannel Solution with SEEBURGER BIS: Holistic order fulfillment for a consistent customer journey

The modern tools and technologies of SEEBURGER’s BIS platform enable Retailers, CPG and Logistics companies to achieve a data-driven enterprise and supply chain.  As a unified internally-developed integration platform, BIS successfully eliminates data latency barriers that previously slowed the exchange of fast-moving digital data created by Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, e-commerce, inventory and collaboration-based processes. Around the globe Retail, CPG and Logistics companies are improving top-line revenues and reducing costs with SEEBURGER.

Success lies in the communication between all channels, the real-time interaction of participating systems and devices, the merging of relevant data and the standardization of business processes.

SEEBURGER Customer examples:

Scenario 1: Holistic e-Commerce Integration for your Retail ecommerce connections, CPG direct to consumer ecommerce stores or marketplace integration via:

  • API building blocks with SOAP/REST Web service adapters
  • High performance SAP adapters (via ALE/tRFC or BAPI) in the SAP environment or in any other ERPs or OMS systems
  • Sequential execution of events across OMS, WMS, Inventory and ERP systems  to ensure real time movement of data from front office to back office systems and returning information to the digital customer.
  • Fulfillment of all compliance & security requirements
  • Data consistency on all channels using modern API interfaces.

Scenario 2: Integration of Points-of-Sale systems, or remote field offices via file or API-based connections:

  • Dynamic or workflow-based flexible data distribution
  • System to System integration via secure end point connections (BISLink)to ensure reliable transfer of pricing, promotional or sales information to and from stores
  • BIS adapters (e.g. FTP(S)m sFTP, HTTP(s), etc.) to integrate any involved backend applications
  • API building blocks with SOAP/REST Web service adapters
  • Fulfillment of all compliance & security requirements

Scenario 3: Linking Logistics processes (e.g. TMS, WMS and OMS) in real time in order to meet next day or accelerated delivery requirements:

  • Comprehensive data integration, for example from legacy systems and other distributed systems for the processing of corresponding data feeds.
  • Hybrid integration –via API’s-for cloud based systems (e.g. TMS) integrated to on premise systems (e.g. EDI).
  • Timely delivery with shipment tracking and status updates via B2B or API technology.
  • Fulfillment of all compliance & security requirements

Omnichannel integration is based on a combination of APIs, as well as MFT and EDI business processes. SEEBURGER delivers a true holistic Integration platform to ensure that the Retail ecosystem will develop agile digital businesses to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s digital consumer.


SEEBURGER Omnichannel Integration

BIS as the central platform for CPG, Retail and Logistics.

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Real Customers, Real Usage, Real Value: API’s Enable Digital Business. Provide information to customers and partners in real-time securely and in a controlled manner.

Provide  customers valuable information via APIs—as standalone services or as extension to your core products. Give partners API-based access to catalogs, complex price lists and product descriptions.

SEEBURGER Customer examples:

Database Integration for Partners and Mobile Apps

A German consumer goods manufacturer allows real-time access to its product and recipe data via app, portal and online store. The API gateway acts as a protective shield between database and its external users, and ensures authorized and high-performance access. From the API management portal, registered developers of mobile and portal applications get all required information—without any extra effort for the IT department.

Maps-based mobility services

A Europe-wide acting mobility services provider offers diverse digital services via special service maps. The API Gateway provides a line of APIs here which directly access the provider’s backend systems via the service provider's web portal, its customers' and partners' applications as well as mobile apps. It features tailored functions such as requesting or locking cards, charges, status queries or data requests.

ITSM synchronization in real time

The support department of an international automotive supplier operates a comprehensive ITSM system, in which Incidents and Change Requests from a number of suppliers are resolved. This required an efficient ITSM synchronization with these suppliers. An API gateway is now securing an efficient work flow with updated on-going data and greater ticket-transparency in real time.


SEEBURGER BIS API Integration and Management

Securely open sensitive company data to external partners.

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In today's economy companies search for tailored and seamless solutions for their digital transformation. CIOs and their IT departments are often challenged to use the Cloud without outsourcing the IT structure in total. The solution lies in the integration of external Cloud services in real time. SEEBURGER BIS supports SOAP WebServices as well as REST services for that reason. SEEBURGER BIS backs up backend systems, integrates Cloud data.  

SEEBURGER Customer examples:

Integration of Payment Services

Online payment processing for Internet purchases is the basis for e-commerce. A medium-sized service provider integrated an external payment service via the BIS API gateway, thereby expanding  its full spectrum of service offerings to clients in the end-customer business. This  complements their Omnichannel Offering with shop and logistics processing with the appropriate payment services.

Use weather data to control electricity-/gas-production

In order to forecast the electricity / gas consumption, energy suppliers need weather data from special weather services. These are connected via the BIS API gateway using web services. Integrated forecasting systems balance production and demand based on this data. In addition this is the basis for monitoring and controlling power transmission networks.

Shipment Tracking for Customer Services

Many logistics providers enable their business customers to use Track & Trace information in real time via API interfaces. The integration of these services into the internal company applications enables departments, such as a call center, to directly track shipments in their own system without having to access the external app of the respective logistics provider.


SEEBURGER BIS API Integration and Management

Secure and automated use of external Cloud Services.

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Companies with real-time requirements previously had to rely on the batch-oriented EDI procedure for the integration of business partners. API management now provides new networking opportunities in real-time and building an API-based digital ecosystem. The basis for this is the API management and API integration building blocks of the SEEBURGER BIS API solution. 

SEEBURGER Customer Examples:

Shipment Tracking for Retailers

Retailers and mail order companies may have several third-party logistics providers for the regional dispatch of goods. An API-based integration into the application of a retailer's/mail order company's online store enables end-consumers to Track & Trace their shipment in the online shop.

Stock Data Integration of Suppliers

Customer expectations are increasing and online retailers often present their suppliers' stock in the shop. They receive inventory data via API interfaces directly from the suppliers' warehouse, which they synchronize in real time with orders from their customers. In this way, EDI messages are gradually replaced by a synchronized web service.

Conversion of Just-in-Time EDI processes to API-based networking

In many industries, (e.g. automobile industry with JIT/JIS, high tech industry with RosettaNet) time-critical business processes were established as Batch EDI processes or permanent file exchange . API Management creates new networking options in real time.


API-based digital ecosystems will not completely replace EDI-based networks, however, are for example, an important supplement for time-critical scenarios.


SEEBURGER BIS API Integration and Management

Setup of an API-based digital ecosystem.

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Mobile apps are the trend: They provide employees more flexibility, efficiency and productivity and additionally bind customers and partners even closer as well. Mobile apps need access to relevant company data to achieve this. However, this data is commonly protected behind firewalls in complex business systems and databases. APIs enable a secure and controlled access from the outside to valuable data on the inside, thus enable a company to engage a wide range of mobile applications.

SEEBURGER Customer Examples:

Price Calculation in the backend

Real-time configuration is required for accessing the app via a variety of articles. This requires access to leading systems that are protected behind firewalls. The BIS API Gateway accepts the API request, then checks the access authorization, converts it into internal request and answers the requests securely and reliably in real-time.

Shipment Tracking for End Customers

Providing tracking information regarding the delivery status has become status quo. The BIS API gateway authorizes end users access via an app to view their personal information. Depending on the scenario, the app can be an integral part of a webstore or 3PL application.

PIM Access for Field Staff

To explain complex products to customers sales representatives often use adhoc information from PIM systems. They request data via the BIS API gateway with a direct PIM access and receive appropriate information along with pictures. Access to the sensitive data is given securely and protected.


SEEBURGER BIS API Integration and Management

Mobile access to internal data is essential for a successful digital transformation.

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Functional overview of the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution

API Integration and API Management of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Real–time integration means transparency – and transparency requires control. With the SEEBURGER API solution, the IT department stays in control of its own and third party interfaces, users, permissions and file access at all times. The API Gateway ensures secure connection and integration in real time; API management provides administration, control and fast roll-outs.

The SEEBURGER BIS API Gateway accepts API calls, checks the caller’s access permission and redirects the requests to the internal services or translates them to internal interface calls. This way, the BIS API Gateway protects your data assets and applications from unauthorized accesses and decouples internal interfaces from the published API.

The SEEBURGER BIS API Manager is a web-based application for managing APIs. With tailored, role-based features for API providers and users. It minimizes your effort for administration and communication. The BIS API Manager supports API providers to deploy and maintain APIs. From the web portal, API users get all required information around the clock, enabling them to work anytime, anywhere.

BIS API Management in Action

Learn how to open legacy applications to the digital world.

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Ovum »on the Radar« Report

SEEBURGER BIS promotes an API-led approach to integration…”
(Saurabh Sharma, OVUM)

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Advantages of the SEEBURGER BIS API Solution

Master the digitalization requirements with the SEEBURGER BIS API Gateway and BIS API Manager


  • Reduces complexity
    APIs made externally available are decoupled from the interfaces of application systems.
  • Creates simplicity
    Due to decoupling, APIs can be optimally designed according to the needs of the API user and can be simply maintained.
  • Operates in real-time
    via efficient in-memory execution of the API calls.
  • Offers transparency
    via the integrated logging of the API calls (who, when, which), and execution times and results.
  • Seamless Integration of Legacy Applications
    via a comprehensive set of adapters connecting data-storing systems using various access protocols.
  • Easy to Manage
    Wizards support the API implementation and the management applications upon rollout of the APIs to user groups.

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