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SEEBURGER B2B Cloud Services

Full-Service Business Integration in the Cloud

SEEBURGER B2B Cloud Services enable companies to share data (EDI/B2B) electronically with business partners quickly and easily without needing to operate the technical solutions themselves. Reduce your investment costs by transferring all of your EDI/B2B communications (Full Service,) or just a part of them to the SEEBURGER B2B Cloud. SEEBURGER offers flexibility in selecting the B2B Cloud Services that you need, customizing your solution to your company’s individual requirements.

No matter whether your company would like to implement EDI/B2B for the first time or fully outsource and replace outdated existing in-house solutions, you can rely on the SEEBURGER Cloud specialists to provide optimal solutions and support.

Why you should choose SEEBURGER Cloud Services

  • B2B Cloud Experience

    Well over 1,000 customers already use our Cloud Services and rely on SEEBURGER as their integration specialist. On a day-by-day basis we share millions of B2B records with thousands of B2B partners for our customers, delivering the highest standards of throughput, stability and efficiency.

  • Everything on One Platform

    SEEBURGER is unique in the market in utilizing a strict single-platform strategy. All SEEBURGER solutions can be migrated seamlessly and with the same functionality as a Cloud Service or an On-Premises solution, ensuring that subsequent insourcing will always be problem-free and cost-effective.

  • Everything from a Single Source

    SEEBURGER is more than just a cloud provider. We also develop the software that we utilize in our service. That makes us a capable and reliable partner who can respond rapidly when required and can also solve complex issues without delay.

  • Specialized Teams Ensure Efficient Business Processes

    SEEBURGER has consistently standardized the in-house processes for operating its B2B Cloud Services. Highly specialized teams are in charge of running the infrastructure, operating the Business Integration Suite, resolving incidents, staffing the support hotline, and connecting your B2B partners.

  • Simply Book It Yourself

    You can book a growing number of SEEBURGER Cloud Services yourself in our Cloud Portal.

Realize immediate benefits by utilizing our Unique Cloud Building Blocks

With SEEBURGER Cloud Services you have immediate access to what we have built up over many years, available only from SEEBURGER:

Does every business partner require you to use different EDI formats?

Benefit from our B2B Mapping Repository

Simply book the partner-specific maps that you need from our comprehensive map library.

Our promise:

  • We provide ready-to-use maps to connect you with all of your B2B partners
  • Implementation costs are kept to a minimum
  • High quality of maps due to stringent testing and wide usage by existing clients
  • We will create any additional maps that you might require in a short timeframe (days, not weeks)

Is onboarding and maintenance of your business partner community a challenge?  Are you unable to keep up with the time and cost related to maintain communication connections with your business partners?

Become a part of our B2B Communication Network

We have library of thousands of connected B2B partners available to meet your needs!

Our promise:

An end to high VAN costs and costly maintenance of communication connections with your B2B partners:

  • Using our B2B Communication Network and integrated central Communication Services ensures cost-effective operation
  • Connecting partners is a simple as utilizing pre-defined partners from a library, and not a time-consuming project
  • Where possible, SEEBURGER will leverage direct connections to your B2B partners, keeping VAN costs at a minimum

Do your business users need full transparency to all of your B2B data movement?

We offer you true end-to-end visibility 

Conduct your research in real time in a secure, role-based, portal environment, including field-level search and reporting.

Our promise:

Thanks to our innovative map development approach all fields are available for search and display:

  • Robust flexibility and in-depth searches
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting options
  • Data can be downloaded for full Business Intelligence analysis

Unique capability for SAP users: utilize SEEBURGER’s SAP Console to provide end-to-end monitoring for your internal business department within SAP.

Does observing in-house, external or Compliance requirements in the implementation of your B2B processes involve a great deal of time and effort?

Benefit from our highly secure B2B Cloud facility

SEEBURGER’s highly standardized business processes comply with strict standards that typically exceed your corporate requirements.  

Our promise:

You will benefit from our highly secure B2B Cloud facility:

  • Data centers and B2B facility are ISO 27001 certified
  • Auditing is in accordance with ISAE 3402 standards
  • Optionally on-demand audits can be supported quickly, in accordance with industry requirements

Does your growing business mandate 24/7 operation of your B2B solution?

Genuine 24/7 operation of your B2B processes

Avoid the expense of in-house 24/7 operations by utilizing the services of our dedicated B2B Cloud facility team. 

Our promise:

  • 24/7 operation by B2B Specialists from the software vendor
  • Specially trained B2B teams of SEEBURGER employees – not contractors, not outsourced
  • Full 24/7 coverage with a global support organization
  • Strict SLAs for just-in-time B2B processes
  • Optional dedicated support managers available in all time zones

Are concerns over the risks associated with migrating to a Cloud Service keeping you from achieving the proven benefits of our B2B Cloud Services?

We minimize your risk by using specialized, automated migration tools

Replacing outmoded B2B solutions is our day-to-day business. We have automated the process of migrating to our Service and have the necessary migration tools to support the process and minimize the risk. 

Our promise:

Significantly reduced migration risk as a result of integrated tools:

  • Analysis tools for your B2B/EDI environment (partners, messages, volumes, etc.)
  • Interfaces for data transfer from B2B/EDI legacy systems eliminates the need for manual re-building setups
  • Large scale regression testing of your EDI archives to avoid possible errors and omissions before go-live
  • When appropriate, migration to SEEBURGER’s Cloud Service is transparent to your partners



Case Studies

These are the services you can expect from SEEBURGER:

  • Operation of your B2B services at SEEBURGER data centers in Germany to different service levels
  • ISO 27001-certificated service standard with individual service level agreements
  • Extensive disaster recovery options
  • Optional dedicated system environment (virtual private cloud)
  • Any degree of scalability for maximum performance
  • Suitable for highly critical processes such as JIT/JIS, GTS, etc.
  • Swift connection of your business partners – On-Boarding Service
  • Support for all EDI formats and communication protocols
  • Monitoring and incident management for all B2B processes
  • Real-time monitoring access via Web interface
  • Optional for SAP users: end-to-end monitoring for departments via the SEEBURGER console in SAP
  • Transparent monthly reporting of all KPIs

The customer can choose between highly efficient standardized services on a highly scalable central platform and a more individually configurable private cloud environment.


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