Salesforce (SF)-SAP-Integration

In practice a technical integration of SalesForce and SAP is easy to do but is usually a static, file-based solution. In most cases, process-oriented and event-driven integration often needs a high expenditure of time and costs on the sap-side, therefore companies are in need of instantly deployable applications that allow deep integration of SF and SAP with synchronous data.

SEEBURGER SF/SAP integration brings about realtime-data integration and exchange.  It consists of:

  • Data link between SF and SAP via SAP PI or alternatively via SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (on-Premise or as cloud-solution)
  • Ready-made scenarios in SF and SAP for automatic process interfacing
  • Tools, like SEEBURGER Generic Workflow for SAP, that enable the user to quickly and easily create new or modify existing processes in SAP.
Workflow-solutions in SAP: master data, variable data of order transaction, quality- and support-data, special events (quality-, support-, payment difficulties etc.)

On-hand and ready for use scenarios of the SF-SAP integration:

  • Customer and Product Master Data Management
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Real-time "Change Data" capturing
  • User/Role Hierarchy Management
  • Case Dispute Management
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Embedding of SAP GUI Screens at POE
  • Data Quality at POE
  • SAP Customer Master for Call Center at POE

The scenarios of the SF/SAP process integration are provided as individual workflow-solutions in SAP. They are subject to routine maintenance and can be customized by the user at any time.

They are based on the SEEBURGER Generic Workflow for SAP for:

  • fast and easy implementation of ready-made scenarios as a standard with customizing-options
  • easy creation of new processes
  • guaranteed permanent synchronization between SF and SAP and entire documentation from lead generation (SF) to order (SAP)

Your benefits

Cost reduction due to little effort in implementation and administration.