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The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite for Financial Services

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Nordea Improves Cash Management with SEEBURGER

Innovating to put customers first – stronger integration resulted in bottom line savings and increased value for Nordea and its customers.

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Are you SEPA Ready? Get the tools you need to comply with ISO20022

Be ready for the universal financial industry message scheme

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Customizable Secure File Transfer / Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Agile Communications and Connectivity Provide an Edge

If you’re relying on complicated, unreliable and questionably compliant point-to-point connections layered on top of legacy infrastructure for file exchange, the risk of a data breach will come sooner, rather than later.

As data volumes in financial institutions grow and file-based transactions become larger, costs increase, management and governance becomes complex and difficult and the risk of exposing sensitive information becomes a scary possibility.

It’s not just data growth but the increasing need to transmit data securely, in different ways—whether bank-to-bank, bank-to-corporate, bank-to-payment, or ad hoc transfers from person-to-person.

Consolidation of disparate, costly mechanisms for file transfer onto a single solution provides financial services institutions with business value that typically pays for itself in 12 to 18 months and includes:

  • Central management, governance and end-to-end visibility
  • A standardized approach for all connections
  • Secure transport protocols
  • Ad hoc transfers to meet future requirements
  • Reliable, secure, high-performance connectivity services
  • Stability in communications that supports global expansion
  • Reduced operational risks due to traceability with automated data security policies
  • Lower costs from easier administration, retired hardware and software
  • Faster onboarding and improved business partner collaboration


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Learn how adding an attachment to an email can have automatic encryption with BIS FileExchange. Options include:

  • Additional security with passwords
  • Limiting the duration availability
  • A maximum number of downloads
  • Accessing files from anywhere

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Secure and Agile Data Transmission

Patch-worked and fragmented file transfer systems acquired over a period of time create a complex and rigid barrier against innovation for financial services institutions. C-level executives are pushing for the security, agility and speed that legacy systems cannot handle, but acknowledge that integrating technology is one of IT’s toughest challenges. An orchestrated process that provides flexibility and scalability for your organization requires data transmissions that drive desirable business outcomes.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite enables the centralized and secure transfer of files for any situation, including  system-to-system, human-to-system, or person-to-person. BIS with secure file transfer reduces the threat of misdirected, lost or stolen data without dragging down performance.

With a focus on security and authentication, BIS encrypts, monitors, secures, and documents all data transfers with full audit trail for non-repudiation and enables policy-driven management and governance. And, you’ll also gain the agility that helps you respond quickly to meet customer needs and improve service delivery.

BIS can also provide adapters to facilitate enterprise application integration (EAI) that requires managed file transfer (MFT) as a component of event-driven processing. The ability to automate and scale effortlessly, coupled with the capability for any-to-any data transformation will also reduce costs and increase speed and performance.

Gain Agility and Security with a Modern Managed File Transfer System (MFT)

Promote improved collaboration and management of customer accounts and services due to a modern and agile file transfer systems that: 

  • Streamline customer experiences, boost loyalty and stem attrition
  • Improve account management due to better data transmission tracking and informational exchange
  • Provide higher customer satisfaction due to self-service management and visibility into file exchange status
  • Consolidates the number of systems IT needs to maintain and keep secure
  • Enables modern advantages such as ad hoc transfer and automation workflow capabilities for business users

Security Products & Services

SEEBURGER BIS Secure Proxy increases the security of your information. The product concept is based on best practice that states: one should never allow connections from a less secure area into a more secure area. With BIS Secure Proxy, proxies are kept behind the firewall. Only a fence outside of the firewall is used to connect outside transmissions with your IT network, which means that no data persists outside of a secure zone while in transit, significantly reducing the likelihood of fraud and attempts at malicious data manipulation.

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SEEBURGER BIS FileExchange is a secure Web portal that provides business people the ability to independently send, track and manage secure file transfers of any size – directly from their email applications or Web browsers. BIS FileExchange offloads overworked email or communications servers, overcomes email attachment size limitations and provides a simple and effective way to ensure data security when working internally or externally.

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SEEBURGER BIS Link is a lightweight, standalone endpoint client that extends the capabilities of BIS to connect points to any operating system inside or outside a private network. You have full end-to-end control over the transmission process and complete visibility, with full compliance, governance and security.

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